Industry Research Areas:
1, grain deep processing: includes wheat deep processing, rice deep processing, maize deep processing, small miscellaneous grain deep processing; active functional grain ingredients.
2, potato industry: includes potato deep processing, potato extracts, active functional potato ingredients, potato foods and healthcare products.
3, vegetable industry: includes vegetable deep processing, vegetable extracts, active functional vegetable ingredients, fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, dehydrated vegetables, etc., and fruit deep processing, edible fungi deep processing, vegetable foods and healthcare products, as well.
4, fruit industry: includes fruit deep processing, tropical fruit deep processing, fruit extracts, active functional fruit ingredients, fresh fruits, frozen fruits, quick-frozen fruits, etc.
5, nut industry: includes nut deep processing, nut extracts, active functional nut ingredients, nut foods and healthcare products, nut chemicals, etc.
6, small berry industry: includes berry deep processing, berry extracts, active functional berry ingredients, berry foods and healthcare products, etc.
7, cotton & bast fibre industry: includes cotton deep processing, bast deep processing, etc.
8, flower industry: includes cut flowers, flower deep processing, flower extracts, active functional flower ingredients, flower foods, flower healthcare products, flower cosmetics, etc.
9, tea industry: includes tea deep processing, tea seed deep processing.
10, local agricultural products: includes local agricultural products from each corner of Chinese mainland.

Research Services:
Special market research reports, customized investigation services and strategy & decision consulting services are provided for our clients from China and the globe. Some reports analyze the latest technologies in agro-product processing, the market, and new products development, providing our clients a substantial basis for their strategic decisions.
1. Multi-User Market Research Report
Multi-user industry analysis & forecasting reports, product and market analysis & forecasting reports and proprietary technologies analysis reports are classified based on industry/product category.
Introduction, Product Summary, Macroeconomic Analysis, Industry Overview, Market Supply & Demand, Import & Export Trade, Manufacturers/Suppliers, End-Users, R & D Trends; Industry Techniques, Proprietary Techniques; Industry Investment Trends, Conclusion and Advices. Appendixes (List of Tables and Figures)
Systematic, comprehensive, convenient and professional; updated dynamically to the month you buy them; classified based on industry or product keywords; bilingual services (English and Chinese)
Industrial and commercial enterprises of all kinds, colleges and various research institutions; various financial, securities, investment institutions; various industry management institutes (associations, societies), and government departments
2. Customized Investigation Services
Classified by industry/product, different kinds of customized investigation services are provided: industry investigation (including industry chain research, industry cluster research), China market investigation, international market investigation, new product investigation, user needs investigation, technology trends investigation, competitor investigation, benchmarking investigation, business opportunities investigation, industrial support services (techniques, R & D, marketing, testing, talents, etc.) investigation and recommendations, etc.
Tailored services, face to face with professional consultant team, exclusive consulting services, consulting support services and one-year free dynamic data update services, bilingual services (English and Chinese); a 15 years old database with tens of thousands of products/reports, sound industry investigation system and information network, professional data collecting and analyzing techniques; long term close contact with our 1600 clients at home and abroad; rigorous and effective project management and quality control system, senior investigation and decision consultants’ involvement during the whole project operation, keeping close contact with clients
Industrial and commercial enterprises of all kinds, colleges and various research institutions; various financial, securities, investment institutions; various industry management institutes (associations, societies), and government departments
3. Strategy and Investment Decision Consulting
Project feasibility studies, project packaging and promotion services are provided: investment decision consulting services like project feasibility study reports, business planning, etc.; consulting services along project declaration, project establishment, project feasibility study and project construction, etc.
Industry development strategic consulting services are provided: strategic planning of industrial development, feasibility study of new industry development and involvement; existing products development strategy, new economic growth point associated industrial strategy, related diversification strategy, unrelated diversification strategy, resource integration strategy; solutions around industry, product, technology and market integration via analyzing related industrial policies at all levels.

Service Process:
Step1, Define service objective and scope based on clients’ needs, put forward service plan, sign consulting service contract.
Step2, Form professional project team, project gets started, do intermediate reports, keep close contact with clients during the whole project.
Step3, Submit final report in both electronic and printed version, do formal report.
Step4, According to clients’ needs, provide project supporting services.

Achievements in Agro-Product Processing
Since 1998, Leadership was established, and it has been providing highly professional consulting services in industry investigation, investment decisions and industry development strategy for its clients in agro-product processing area (including main links along the industry chain), geographically covering Chinese mainland, Hongkong and Taiwan, and Asia, North America, the Europe, etc. Service targets include industrial and commercial enterprises of all kinds, colleges and various research institutions; various finance & investment institutions; various industry management institutes (associations, societies), and government departments. Till Dec 31, 2011, the total number of Leadership’s clients at home and abroad has come to above 1600, with investigation & decision consulting clients accounting for 3/4, including 30 top-500 companies all around the world and 100 top-500 companies in China.

Consulting achievements and clients’ value promotion are mainly shown in the following three respects:
1, customized investigation services: help clients get knowledge of their places in the industry, and then make corresponding product & market strategies; find out our clients’ potential customers; Through Leadership intelligence, our clients can get most needed strategic resources like in technologies, R & D, marketing, testing, equipment, talents, etc.
2, project determination and investment decisions: help clients declare their new product & industry projects, strive after national and local supporting policies, promote system product & industry integration and their marketing and competitive capabilities.
3, new industry, product and market development, and industrial strategy consulting: help clients enter into a new industry, develop new economic growth points, and realize their development targets.