Industry Survey Consulting on Regional Economy
According to the park industries and industry clusters, key areas of industry transfer, industry structure adjustment, high-tech industrialization and productivity promoting service China Government supporting, LEADERSHIP provides survey services on industry, market in China and abroad, R&D of new products, industry technology innovation, intellectual property protection, product standard, industry competition intelligence, commercial opportunities, industry investment trends, industry policies, international trade, and industry merger and reorganization.
We provide reports in Chinese or English.
We provide reports for industrial and commercial enterprises; universities and scientific research institutions; financial, security and investment institutions; industry management institutions (associations, clubs); government authorities.

1. Survey consulting on park industries and industrial clusters
(1) Park industry
Survey and analysis of development trends of industrial parks;
Survey and analysis of park industrial chains, industrial supporting capacity, and market demands;
Survey and analysis of park industry cluster and development of characteristic industrial clusters;
Standards on screening of park industries, leading industries;
Research on strategies of park drawing foreign capital & business, projects project construction innovation strategy;
Survey on industry investment trends;
Survey on the proposed project investment environment and project base (including development status of local economy, development and reform policies, conditions of the city and county the proposed project base located).
(2) Industrial cluster
Definition: it refers to the enterprises of the same trade clustering in a specific area. Generally, it is a kind of combined effect about the supporting of core enterprises or extension of industrial chain.
Survey on innovation and development trend of industrial clusters;
Survey on enterprises in the industrial chain;
Survey and analysis of input and output of innovation;
Research on the impact, development and development trends of the industrial cluster.

2. Survey consulting on key areas of industry transfer
LEADERSHIP, according to the industry scope from the catalogue on industry transfer (2012), the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology formulated, provides industry survey consulting services of key areas;
Industry survey consulting areas:
It includes raw material industry, equipment manufacturing, consumer goods industry, for example: machinery, automobile, ship and marine engineering, aerospace, rail transportation equipment, chemicals, iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, building materials, food, light industry, textiles, pharmaceuticals, electronic information, modern service industry, and so on.

3. Survey consulting on industry structure adjustment
LEADERSHIP, according to the industry scope from the catalogue on the adjustment of industrial structure (2012), the National Development and Reform Commission formulated, provides industry survey consulting services of key areas;
Industry survey consulting areas:
It includes agriculture and forestry, water resources, coal, power, new energy, iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, petrochemical chemical, building materials, pharmaceuticals, machinery, automobile, ship, aerospace, light industry, textiles, building, urban infrastructure, railway, highway and the road transport (including city passenger), water transport, air transport, information industry, modern logistics industry, modern services, environmental protection and resources savings and comprehensive utilization, public security and emergency products, and people explosion products.

4. Survey consulting on high-tech industrialization
LEADERSHIP, according to the industry scope from the catalogue for giving priority to the development of high-tech industrialization of key areas (2011), Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and State Intellectual Property Office jointly issued, provides industry survey consulting services of key areas;
Industry survey consulting areas:
It includes electronic information, bio-pharmaceuticals, aerospace, new materials, advanced energy resources, modern agriculture, advanced manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection and, comprehensive utilization of resources, marine economy, and high-tech service industry.

5. Survey consulting on Management of technology and productivity promotion
In recent years, LEADERSHIP has assumed the "Twelfth Five-Year" Plan of Beijing productivity system construction and development strategy, to promote Beijing productivity system construction, and research development direction of productivity promotion center under the new situation;
It provides customer entire programs, personalized, high-end and professional productivity consulting services;
Subjects and Contents:
Science and technology industry survey;
Science and technology resources survey;
Research on management innovation of science and technology;
Research on productivity promotion services.