Industry Survey Consulting on Machinery & Equipment
LEADERSHIP provides customers with thematic market research reports on the field of machinery & equipment and can be entrusted to provide the industry research and consulting services on the field of machinery & equipment. Some reports studies the latest technologies, market and the development of new varieties, which can provide an objective basis for the strategic decision-making of our customers.
Industry research and consulting services on the field of machinery & equipment cover various segmentation industries. LEADERSHIP can be specific to a segmentation industry (eg. coal machinery, new energy machinery and marine equipment) and provide the whole industry chain and value chain research. LEADERSHIP also can be specific to one product (eg. coal exploitation equipment) or a single functional component (eg. excavating machinery, hydraulic equipment and valve) of machinery & equipment and provide industry research and market research.

Consulting Areas of Machinery & Equipment: 
1. General Components: chain drive components, seals/filters, gear/bearing, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, transmission joints, cables;
2. General Machinery: including pumps, valves, pulverizing equipment, drying equipment, transportation equipment, heat exchange & refrigeration equipment, washing equipment, cleaning equipment, ventilation equipment, thermal insulation equipment, pressure vessel, filtration equipment, separation equipment, vacuum equipment, industrial boilers, boilers and their Accessories, and Machine Tool;
3. Marine Equipment: including ship machinery and port machinery;
4. Petrochemical Equipment: including oilfield exploitation, oil & gas transportation, oil refining, gas station, chemical equipments;
5. Metallurgical Machinery: casting & forging, heat treatment, surface processing, cutting equipment, welding equipment;
6. Coal Machinery: including coal exploitation, under-pit supporting, transportation equipment, ventilation equipment, coal transportation equipment;
7. Engineering & Construction Machinery: including construction machinery, concrete machinery, road construction machinery, piling machinery;
8. Mining Machinery: including mining exploration, mining, mining shipment, ore processing, mining supplies;
9. Railway Machinery: including railway machinery and railway products;
10. Light Industry Machinery: including agriculture machinery, forestry machinery, fisheries machinery, food machinery, textile machinery, paper making machinery, commercial machinery, packaging machinery, logistics machinery and pharmaceutical machinery.
Consulting Areas of Advanced Manufacturing Industry: 
1. High-grade leather & plastic processing technology & equipment, engineering-plastics, large diameter plastic pipes and microporous functional film;
2. Large scale electromechanical equipment: including large scale air separation units, heat recovery boiler, rectification column, steam turbine, centrifugal pump, TBM, valve, computer numerical control machine tools, environmental protection equipment;
3. Metallurgical equipment, metalforming equipment, auto & components processing and detection equipments, etc.

Overview of Industry Survey Consulting on Machinery & Equipment
1. Provide market research report
It is classified by industry/ product. We provide segmentation industries/products market analysis report; industry analysis and forecast report; analysis report on product’s patented technology.
It Includes preface, industry/product overview, industrial environment, industry structure (manufacturers/suppliers, competitors, end-users, new entrants, substitutes), industry competition, comprehensive analysis of the industry, technologies, the latest industry investment trends, market supply and demand, import and export, R&D and patent, conclusions and suggestions; appendix(figure, table directory).
It is systematic, comprehensive, efficient, professional; dynamic updating, timeliness, latest date updates to the month when customers buy the report.
We provide reports in Chinese or English.
We provide reports for industrial and commercial enterprises; universities and scientific research institutions; financial, security and investment institutions; industry management institutions (associations, clubs); government authorities.
2. Provide commissioned survey consulting services
We provide customers comprehensive or special research consulting services on industry or market.
Comprehensive researches: Industry research consulting in Chinese mainland, market research consulting in Chinese mainland; international industry research consulting, international market research consulting.
Special researches: user demand survey, technology trends survey, business opportunities survey, competitor survey, benchmarking survey.
We provide reports in Chinese or English.
We provide reports for industrial and commercial enterprises; universities and scientific research institutions; financial, security and investment institutions; industry management institutions (associations, clubs); government authorities.
It is customized, professional project consulting group, consulting achievements exclusive to customers;
Help customers find the target users, and form orders directly; industries, products, technology, comprehensive market information consulting services.
Rigorous, efficient project management and quality control; senior industry consultant and strategy consultant preside over the operation of the project, be in close interaction with customers; provide consultancy support and data dynamically updated services.
Tens of thousands of products database accumulated in the past 16 years, sound industry survey system and information network, specialized data acquisition and analysis technology, serving more than 1600 customers in China and abroad.
3. Decision-making consulting on new commercial projects
LEADERSHIP can help customers understand comprehensively relevant policies of the Chinese government and the local government; it also can develop successfully new business for customers in Chinese mainland and provide feasibility studies on new commercial project.